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SeriesLock Large Assembly (Male and Female)

The new innovative
Spring-Free Flow Path Coupler


SeriesLock is a new, innovative, quick-connect coupler that allows a larger volume of fluid to pass through at lower line pressures. Male valve assemblies include a vented spring chamber that helps eliminate fluid cross over. Recessed mating features protect contact surfaces and prolong the life of the O-rings helping to ensure a better seal for longer use. Manufactured with ISO 10993 compliant materials, the ability to be sterilized, and the added option of non-magnetic springs can help SeriesLock integrate into existing clinical components. The audible click upon connection and the safety slide release are both features to help minimize accidental disconnects.

Four different body sizes are available to accommodate tubing sizes ranging from 1/16” ID to 3/4” ID Tubing. Fittings are available in a variety of materials and with multiple configurable options to fit your specific needs.

Advantages of SeriesLock Include:

  • Spring-Free Flow Path™
    • Male Valved Assemblies with Vented Spring Chamber Eliminate Fluid Cross-over
  • Valved and Open Flow Options
  • No-Spill Disconnect
  • Aseptic
  • Superior Single Barb Design
  • Smaller Size than Comparable Couplers
  • USP Class VI/ISO10993 Compliant Materials
  • Audible Click Confirms Correct Connection
  • Safety Slide Release Minimizes Accidental Disconnects
  • Can be Sterilized
    • PP (Radiation, EtO)
    • PVDF (Autoclave, Radiation, EtO)
  • Non-Magnetic Spring Options Available
View Features and Specifications
View Features and Specifications
Three SeriesLock Body Sizes and Fluid Flow Path Diagram

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